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Kali/Escrima Sticks with a Reinforced Hickory Core are for folks who need a more rigid stick with less flex than the Hollow core.  The reinforced Hickory works so well in the Sof-Swords, we decided to try them in the Sof-Stx. Made with 1/2" foam and 1" high density foam at the tips for serious stabbing.

A fully Reinforced Hickory core hits a bit harder than the Hollow Core Stx.

A partially Reinforced hickory Core with 6" of Hollow Core at the ends hits like a Hollow Core, but has good rigidity for a less flexible Stick.  Please understand that the Hollow Core Stx aren't "Wimpy", and do give you a good "Slap" for a natural reaction to the hit!

We recommend both Hollow and Reinforced for Training and Sparring.  Wear Raquetball Goggles and no pads for the best Stick Fighting experience you've ever had...and a lot of FUN!