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These are not even close to being like the cheap rubber or plastic knives from martial arts equipment companies.  They are designed to replace wood and metal training tools.  Made of high quality open cell foam.  Has terriffic "Compression/Deflection" characteristics!

ROUND- 1 5/8" blade tip- for safest thrusting.

FLAT- 1" edge and back for slashing and thrusting, can be used as a double edged knife.

WEDGE- 1 5/8" blade back and 1/4" edge- more realistic.

SHARP-1" blade back and 1/4" edge for the most realistic knife. Has a Tanto tip.

All Contact knives have 1" of high density foam at the tip for FULL CONTACT sparring and training without injury!

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Full Contact Sof-Knives
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